133,000 in

modern slavery

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investigations into human trafficking initiated

by the government or law enforcement agencies

In Ghana, child trafficking remains a thriving business. Traffickers force children to work in fishing, domestic service, artisanal gold mining, agriculture, and herding. Around Lake Volta, children working on and by the lake are not allowed to attend school, are given inadequate housing and clothing, and are powerless against fishermen who use intimidation and violence against them. Boys as young as five years old work in deeply hazardous conditions. Women and children are also increasingly recruited and sent to other parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe for forced labor and sex trafficking. Read more.

Our partner



Challenging Heights

Challenging Heights rescues children who are trafficked to work on Lake Volta. The organization also shelter where rescued children are provided with continuous medical, psychological and emotional care. Children living there also attend school.