403,000 in

modern slavery

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trafficking cases reported to the

national anti-trafficking Hotline

In 2018, the National Human Trafficking Hotline received reports of 10,949 suspected human trafficking cases. A case corresponds to a situation of human trafficking and can include one or multiple potential victims. Breaking down this number shows that sexual exploitation and forced labor occur throughout the country in a variety of industries, especially in agriculture, domestic work, fishing, and traveling sales crews. Migrant women and children are particularly vulnerable to modern slavery because of their lower levels of education, inability to speak English, and immigration status. Recent moves to further restrict immigration policies have increased the vulnerability of undocumented workers and migrants. Read more.

Our partners



Verité sheds a light on labor rights violations in supply chains. Since 1995, Verité has partnered with hundreds of corporations, governments, and NGOs in 70+ countries to address the root causes of unfair or illegal labor practices in supply chains.


Polaris is a leader in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery. The organization runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline in the U.S. More than 45,000 cases of human trafficking have been reported to the hotline since 2009.


Mentari was set up in 2015 to mentor and empower human trafficking survivors so that they actively reintegrate within society. A cornerstone in their strategy is the Culinary Arts Program, that so far helped 205 survivors.


The Human Trafficking Institute is fighting modern slavery at its source by empowering prosecutors to stop traffickers. They work inside criminal justice systems, providing world-class training, investigative resources, and research.


GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services) was set up in 1998 with the aim of empowering girls and young women who have experiences sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking so that they can find a way out of the sex industry.