157,000 in

modern slavery

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Number of

Internally Displaced Persons

In Cameroon, traffickers often attract teenagers and children from economically disadvantaged families to cities with promises of employment or education. They subject them to labor or sex trafficking. Children are exploited in domestic servitude, restaurants, artisanal gold mining, fishing, and agriculture. Thousands of women from rural areas who live in poverty are also exploited in forced labor and sex trafficking in the Middle East, Europe, the US and other African countries. They are lured into jobs and end up subjected to domestic servitude or sex trafficking. The Anglophone crisis and the persistence of Boko Haram have enhanced economic vulnerabilities, internal displacement and the lack of formal justice, which subsequently increases human trafficking. Read more.

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Survivors’ Network

Survivors’ Network helps repatriate women and children who have been trafficked across Cameroon and abroad. The organization provides empowerment programs, vocational training, and microfinance to the women they rescue and to other survivors so that they can start their own businesses or find employment opportunities.