Challenging Heights

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James Kofi Annan, Challenging Heights’ founder, was trafficked on Lake Volta when he was a child. He escaped and has since devoted his life to rescuing and rehabilitating today’s young victims.

Challenging Heights rescues children who are trafficked to work on Lake Volta. The organization also runs a rehabilitation centre, the Hovde House, where rescued children are provided with continuous medical, psychological and emotional care. Children living there also attend school. 

Challenging Heights works within communities to address the root causes of child trafficking. Through women empowerment workshops and vocational training, they efficiently fight poverty. Challenging Heights also works to impact policies and practices across Ghana, and globally. They run sensitization campaigns, lobby for national policy, and provide key insights for the development of international guidelines.

In 2018


Children were rescued from slavery on Lake Volta


Children were sheltered and rehabilitated


Children were reintegrated with their families