The problem

24.9 million people worldwide are slaves today. They are exploited for sex, forced to work under inhumane conditions, and deprived of the most basic human rights. They are:



Our solution

We fight human trafficking, debt bondage, forced labor and child labor by partnering with 11 on-the-ground organizations who rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors of slavery and human trafficking. As a small organization, we are flexible and responsive to our partners’ needs.

We provide education, vocational training and community prevention programs in vulnerable areas. The programs we design and run with our partners create long-term systemic change, and provide pathways to a better life. In the past 10 years, we helped more than 28,000 women, men and children walk the path to freedom.


Our impact



In 2018,

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Women, men and children were rescued from slavery

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Youth and adults received vocational training

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Survivors were sheltered and provided with essential services

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Students were educated about the dangers of human trafficking