We welcome innovative ways to raise awareness and support!  Here are some examples of people who have helped us:

  • Staff at a Shelter Island hotel held a fundraising car wash;
  • Brands such as TOME, Net-A-Porter and Marie Eiffel donated a portion of their sales; and
  • An elementary school student donated proceeds from a bake sale.

Other suggestions include: 

  • Donating your birthday to Freedom For All
  • Holding a garage sale to donate some of the proceeds



Police training is a crucial component to ending sex trafficking. Victims of sex trafficking are usually only recognized as engaging in prostitution, and are arrested instead of assisted. On average, victims of sex trafficking in the US are arrested 2 ½ times before it is recognized that they are trafficked.

Recognizing cases of human trafficking is essential to helping victims, and often doesn’t happen. Training for police, hospital workers, teachers and others to identify all forms of human trafficking is available from highly regarded NGOs, including the following:

Check your slavery footprint and take action

Check your slavery footprint and take action

Do your research

How many slaves work for YOU? Companies can check every level of their supply chains for slave labor.  Find out how many slaves work for you at Slavery Footprint. Check Know the Chain to see if companies you buy from have posted disclosure statements on their efforts to combat slavery. If not, ask why.