Visayan Forum

Visayan Forum (VF) is a Philippines based organization that saves girls and young women who are victims of sex and domestic trafficking. The organization reached over 61,000 potential victims and has sheltered thousands of children who have survived beatings, rape and other horrific abuse. The victims are young, ranging from just one year old to 22 years old.

Visayan Forum's unique strategy is to intervene in human trafficking situations during the transportation of victims, when the traffickers and victims are most visible. Visayan Forum works with officials in all of the ports in the Philippines, and trains them to guard transit routes of human trafficking in seaports and airports. They work across the country's archipelago with police, customs enforcement, and other officials. They have emergency shelters in the ports and long-term shelters where some of the children stay until they are adults.

At the shelters, Visayan Forum also provides critical psychological care to the young, traumatized girls and women; education; and skill training for job placement, so that they can grow up to pursue fulfilling careers and support themselves. Visayan Forum has taken Philippine seaports, airports and land routes out of the control of traffickers, and transformed them into havens of hope for victims.

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