The Philippines is a source country and, to a lesser extent, a destination and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. An estimated 10 million Filipinos work abroad, and a significant number of these migrant workers are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor—predominantly via debt bondage—in the fishing, shipping, construction, education, nursing, and agricultural industries, as well as in domestic work, janitorial service, and other hospitality-related jobs....Child sex trafficking remains a pervasive problem....Very young Filipino children are coerced to perform sex acts for live internet broadcast to paying foreigners.

-2016 Trafficking In Persons Report

Saving female victims of sex and domestic labor trafficking

Visayan Forum (VF) has impacted over 61,000 potential victims and sheltered thousands of young children who have survived beatings, rape and other horrific abuse. The victims are young, ranging from 1 to 22 years old.

At the shelters, Visayan Forum also provides critical psychological care to the young, traumatized girls and women; education; and skill training for employment.

By working across the archipelago with police, customs and other officials, it intervenes in the port cities when victims are being transported and trafficking most visible. It trains officials to guard transit routes of human trafficking in seaports and airports.

Visayan Forum has taken Philippine seaports, airports and land routes out of the control of traffickers, and saved the lives of thousands of girls. 


Impact in 2015

  1. 27 trafficked women and girls sheltered at the Center For Hope. Although traffickers stormed the shelter and recaptured 16 of them, causing extensive damage, Visayan Forum built stronger gates, hired a full time security guard and built a panic room for emergencies.

  2. In October, three young Filipina survivors visited the USA for the first time to share their stories about sex trafficking at Freedom For All's events in New York and Los Angeles. They also spoke to students at Yale University who are conducting research to fight human trafficking. 

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