Reporter Brasil

Reporter Brasil fights forced labor in Brazil where tens of thousands of rural workers are enslaved every year. Poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment in the rural areas make people desperate for work and susceptible to traffickers. The workers are often held in debt bondage and threatened with violence. It is impossible for them to escape from many of the farms that are isolated, often deep in the Amazon.

Reporter Brasil conducts research and produces documentation to expose problems on specific farms. They submit reports of forced labor to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and to the companies sourcing from the farms. The Ministry of Labor then conducts raids to free the workers. Companies are able to make informed decisions about working with these corrupt suppliers.

The Brazil National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor was created by CONATRAE, a group that includes Reporter Brazil. Reporter Brasil works in partnership with the International Labor Organization, the Ethos Institute, and the Instituto Observatorio Social. They have been successful in signing up 400 companies, which represents 30% of the country's GDP, for the National Pact for the Eradication of Slavery. Companies that have signed the pact include Walmart Brazil, Coca-Cola Brazil, Banco do Brazil, BP Biofuels, and Petrobras among others. By signing the pact, companies agree not to buy raw materials from suppliers known to have slaves, creating a financial incentive for change. Businesses use their purchasing power to become part of the solution.