As CEO of Ford Models, I brought models from over 50 countries to the United States. Because most were foreign and young, they were potentially vulnerable. Ford Models had a history of protecting young women and men by providing housing, shelter, food, and medical care if needed. The work I do to fight human trafficking and forced labor is inspired and informed by my previous work.
— Katie Ford, Freedom For All founder and ex-CEO of Ford Models

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The problem


40.3 million people worldwide are slaves today, according to the Global Slavery Index. Slavery is a business, generating as much as $150 billion in profits every year - more than the annual profits of Apple, Microsoft, Exxon, BP & Samsung combined. It breaks down this way:


Our solution

We combat sex trafficking, debt bondage, forced labor and child labor by partnering with on-the-ground organizations who rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors of slavery and human trafficking. We free people from many backgrounds and walks of life - girls, boys, women and men. As a small organization, we are flexible and responsive to our partners’ needs.

We provide education, job skills training and community prevention programs in vulnerable areas. Our programs create long-term, systemic change, and provide pathways to a better life.