What is human trafficking?



A business

Human trafficking is the business of recruiting, transporting and/or harbouring people for the purpose of exploiting them. Traffickers trick, manipulate, or physically force their victims into working under inhumane and often illegal conditions. Human trafficking includes forced labor in the private economy (imposed by individuals, groups, companies), state-imposed forced labor, and the forced sexual exploitation of adults and commercial sexual exploitation of children.


forced labor in the private economy


Forced labor in the private economy

Forced labor happens mostly in the domestic work sector, as well as in construction, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing.


Forced labor & debt bondage



Sexual exploitation

An estimated 3.8 million adults are victims of forced sexual exploitation and a million children are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. 99% of the victims are women and girls.


types of human trafficking



Who is being trafficked?

Human trafficking can happen to anyone, but some people and sectors are more vulnerable than others. Risk factors may include recent migration/relocation, substance use, mental health concerns, and being a runaway or homeless youth. Women are more affected than men.


Share of adults in forced labor - private economy (%)


Debt bondage


victims of sexual exploitation


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