Jeevika Free

Jeevika Free's mission is to emancipate the Dalit population (also known as the untouchable class) from slavery and debt bondage that they are subjected to on rural farms in India. According to a former slave who was freed by Jeevika, Shivanna Puttaiah, Dalits are treated "as animals".

Jeevika teaches the largely illiterate Dalit population their rights through performances and works with individual slaves to free them through the legal system. Jeevika helps survivors maintain and build their free lives by securing sources of livelihood and helping them organize their communities. These steps ensure that survivors are never vulnerable to slavery again.

The results of Jeevika's work are amazing. Survivors rise from enduring degrading abusive conditions to building successful, bright lives full of hope: some have even run for government office and won. The organization has inspired many survivors to dedicate their lives to helping other slaves achieve freedom, making Jeevika's work exponential.

Jeevika also wrote the state plan for the eradication of slavery. It documents slavery for the Indian government and advocates for the enforcement of anti-slavery laws. Jeevika's work is being replicated in other areas and with other disenfranchised populations. Jeevika is protecting and giving voice to a population that has been deprived of the most basic human rights for thousands of years.