Freedom For All Comes to the Rescue in an Emergency

In October of 2014, 21 children who were enslaved in a fishing village on Lake Volta were rescued by Challenging Heights. 

Freedom For All had helped raise the funds for the rescue. Some of the children were as young as 3 years old. Like others who the organization rescues, these children entered the Challenging Heights school, which is currently among the highest-performing schools in Ghana! As the children who had been rescued identified other enslaved children, this rescue was especially meaningful.

However, after the rescues, Challenging Heights' dilapidated bus broke down permanently. This bus had been used for all of its operations, including rescue missions to Lake Volta far away from their headquarters. During raids, the bus is used as an emergency shelter for children taken into custody. Furthermore, children take the bus from the shelter to the school. 

In March 2015 Freedom For All leaped into action. In just under two weeks, we raised the funds for Challenging Heights to buy a new bus. We may be a small organization, but we have the flexibility to respond to the needs of our partner organizations.

Challenging Heights rescued 70 children in 2015, including 40 children who had been directly freed from Lake Volta. The bus is critical to almost all aspects of their programs. Since then, it has been used in two rescue operations on Lake Volta to transport children safely to the shelter and bring the children home to their families after they recover.

The shelter now houses over 118 children at the rehabilitation center, and 74 survivors of slavery were reintegrated with their families. 2015 saw the highest number of young children in the shelter. We must continue to fight modern-day child slavery on Lake Volta and its surrounding regions, and allow young children to be reunited with their families and attend school.