The Cost of Caring; An "O.F.W." in NYC

The Lives of Immigrant Women Who Tend to the Needs of Others

An intimate portrait of an oversea Filipino worker (or, O.W.F.) living for 16 years in an outer borough of New York City, far from her nine daughters in The Philippines.

by Rachel Aviv, in The New Yorker

"Since the nineteen seventies, the government of the Philippines has promoted labor exportation as a strategy for relieving poverty and alleviating the national debt. A tenth of the population now works abroad, supporting nearly half of the country's households and leaving some nine million Filipino children missing a parent. In the past decade, three-quarters of O.F.W.s have been women; former President Corazon Aquino has praised them as 'the heroes of our country's economy....'

"Emma was offended by employers who repeated their instructions, as if she didn't have the mental capacity t remember, or insisted that she wash the floor using a sponge, on her knees, rather than standing and using a mop. Nella, who called her employers 'ma'am' and 'sir,' urged Emma to be less vocal. 'As long as they do not hurt you or hit you, just let it pass,' she said."

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Our Partner's President Threatened in Brazil

Meat company denies backing advertisements against Brazilian activist

Report said JBS, world’s largest meat processor, was behind Google advertisement calling anti-slavery activist Leonardo Sakamoto a liar.

By Bruce Douglas, The Guardian

JBS, the world’s largest meat-processing company, has denied organizing a Google advertising campaign to attack Brazil’s most prominent anti-slave labour campaigner. Leonardo Sakamoto, the president of the NGO Repórter Brasil, has repeatedly been the target of physical and legal threats over his journalism and activism in support of workers’ rights.

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My Life as a Sex-Trafficking Victim

Mentari Founder and abolitionist leader Shandra Woworuntu arrived in the US hoping to start a new career in the hotel industry. Instead, she found she had been trafficked into a world of sexual slavery and violence. It was months before she was able to turn the tables on her persecutors.

How Human Trafficking Spans the World

In these stories, Financial Times reporters investigate the true scope of trafficking, from modern-day slaves making their way from Africa to Europe to kidnapped children in China.

Religious Imams Denounce Slavery in the GCC

Religious Support for Qatari Labor Reforms Puts Gulf States on the Spot

A panel in Doha of religious scholars, officials of Qatar’s government-sponsored human rights committee, and international labor activists has called on Qatar to radically alter its controversial labor policies.

By James Dorsey

The call serves to support Qatari government promises of labor reform in response to World Cup-related international criticism and increases moral pressures on Gulf states to significantly improve the plight of their millions of migrant workers. By justifying the call on theological grounds and drawing on a parable of Omar Ibn al-Khattab, one of the 7th century’s first four successors of the Prophet Mohammed, widely viewed by even the most conservative or militant Muslims as the righteous caliphs, Sheikh Ali Al Qaradaghi made it more difficult for Qatar and other Gulf states to justify evading radical labor reforms.

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Slaves at Sea in Thailand NYTimes Feature

'Sea Slaves': The Human Misery that Feeds Pets and Livestock

Men who have fled servitude on fishing boats recount beatings and worse as nets are cast for the catch that will become your pet food and livestock feed.

By Ian Urbina

It was his chance to start over. But when he arrived, Mr. Long was kept for days by armed men in a room near the port at Samut Prakan, more than a dozen miles southeast of Bangkok. He was then herded with six other migrants up a gangway onto a shoddy wooden ship. It was the start of three brutal years in captivity at sea.

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The Hidden Human Toll of the Palm Oil Boom

Indonesia's Palm Oil Industry Rife With Human-Rights Abuses

A Bloomberg Businessweek feature by acclaimed investigative journalist Benjamin Skinner, the author of A Crime So Monstrous.

As it’s grown, the palm oil industry has drawn scrutiny from environmental activists in Europe and the U.S. They decry the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia to support oil palm expansion, which threatens the natural habitats of endangered species such as pygmy elephants and Sumatran tigers. The human costs of the palm oil boom, however, have been largely overlooked.

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Katie Ford and Modern Day Slavery


MARCH 10, 2014

Business+Class Magazine interviews Katie Ford about Modeling Against the Trafficking Industry.
BC was privileged to spend some time with Ms. Ford to ask about her advocacy and its implications in society.

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Freedom For All: 12 Years a Slave and Modern Day Slavery

Freedom For All: 12 Years a Slave and Modern Day Slavery

MARCH 10, 2014

The organization called Freedom For All doesn’t operate under the assumption that slavery is past.
Much of the recent talk about slavery, thanks to success of 12 Years a Slave, is about how contemporary society might come to grips with the legacy of this evil past.

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The Surprising Link Between Modeling and Modern Day Slavery

The Surprising Link Between Modeling and Modern Day Slavery

MARCH 7, 2014

Katie Ford, former CEO of Ford Models and founder of Freedom For All, is trying to move things forward and end human trafficking all over the globe.
Today, there are an estimated 21-30 million people currently enslaved or being trafficked throughout the world, according to the non-profit Free The Slaves.

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Fake Slave Auction Performed in the Park


MARCH 6, 2014

Freedom For All, a nonprofit organization to fight human trafficking, hosted three anti-trafficking demonstrations on March 5 throughout New York City.
In the third demonstration five actors, including four adults and a young girl, were led onto the steps of Washington Square Park’s outdoor stage and gathered in front of a crowd of about 20 people. A staged auctioneer then proceeded to auction them off to several people acting as bidders who were placed among the crowd.

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Trustlaw, Thompson Reuters: How Trafficking Can Be Purged from U.S. Federal Contracts


NOVEMBER 28, 2012

An interview with Dan Viederman, the chief executive officer of Verite, which works to end labor injustices around the globe
An executive order strengthening U.S. efforts to eliminate human trafficking and modern slavery from the federal government's supply chain is feasible, doable and will not break the bank, a leading expert says.

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